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New Websites for

Hello friends. You might have already noticed the changes I've made, but I've just finished doing all that I could for ONLINEBIBLES.NET — for now. As a reminder, is my future writing and publishing ministry, and I'm not going to launch it for some years yet, until I am ready and has the resources. For now and in the near future, all that I'm going to do are preparations. Behind the scenes, and in the light of the fact that I'll now be working for both my freelance writing business and my future online ministry, I've restructured and reorganized my websites in my web host — letting go especially of the things I no longer need, and creating the things I do need. Here are the things you should know: First, because Swordsman of the Word is now part of, I'm retiring its original domain at . For a couple of reasons: It's not really a good domain name (unpopular, too long, and hard to type), and it car