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Updated List of Websites (Dec. 2022)

I’ve made changes in my list of websites for Here now is the updated list: Site Generator/Platform Main Site Hugo/Sphinx Free Online Bibles Bible Studies & Devotions Drupal Swordsman of the Word Drupal Community phpBB OBN Updates Google OBN Documents Google   The content on the Main Site have also been updated.   Things to Note: The Library will now be published in the Main Site, using Sphinx . The temporary Hugo site will be replaced.** The Bibles from now have their own web address: . They will no longer be integrated into the Library. Drupal has already been installed in Bible Studies & Devotions. Drupal has already been installed in Swordsman of the Word. phpBB has already been installed in Community.   ** Like Hugo, Sphinx is a static site generator, but it is more stable than Hugo and has powerful features that I need, like